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All Cantorum models also have 15 built orchestra voices which can be very useful.
Orchestra voices: Celesta, Chimes, Harp, Strings, Strings Slow, Choir, Pan Flute, Piano, Harpsichord, Plucked Bass 16, Plucked Bass 8, Cello 16, Cello 8, Tuba 16 och Tuba 8.

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Cantorum Trio is just 32 Kg and something close to a portable Chorum S80 except the built in speakers are smaller and pedal och swells are not included.
Cantorum Trio uses the latest sampling technology from Viscount
It has a built in speaker system, headphones output and MIDI to connect pedalboard e.g. as well as input for sustain pedal and swells.

Cantorum Trio has the same high class Tracker Touch keyboards with simulated pressure point as all their church organs up to the Ouverture and the UNICO 700 models.

46 sampled stops in four "styles" + 15 orchestra voices.
A portable 2-manual church organ!
Cantorum Duo is under 20 Kg and is like a Chorum 40 except the speakers are small and pedalboard and swell are not inlcuded.
Buils in speakers, headpones output, MIDI in/out to connect pedalboards e.g. and input for sustain and swell pedals.
Cantorum Duo uses the latest sampling technology from Viscount with 30 samples voices in for "styles" + 15 orchestra voices

30 sampled stops + 15 orchestra voices.

All Cantorum models also has 15 orchestra voices built in that can be very useful.
Ochestra voices: Celesta, Chimes, Harp, Strings, Strings Slow, Choir, Pan Flute, Piano, Harpsichord, Plucked Bass 16, Plucked Bass 8, Cello 16, Cello 8, Tuba 16 och Tuba 8.
Jenny Nordström sent this picture of the organ in Glanshammar församlingshem that will be uses by organists as well as church organ students!
It is a set with the Cantorum DUO with stand, 30 MIDI pedalboard, swells + Antoni hydraulic bench with adjustable height.
Staffan Biörklund-Jullander sent this picture as he was very happy about his Cantorum Duo with 30 MIDI pedalboard and bench that he managed to squeeze under the staircase.
He says he will use the Ouverture digital organ in Caroli Church in Borås at his next double album. Piano/organ arr from his pianoconcerts also.
His tripple-CD is on Youtube if you search for Staffan Biörklund-Jullander skivbolag Sterling.

MIDI In/ut. The same great "Tracker Touch" keyboards as the other Viscount models. Very nice grand piano sound also. Connections för swell and sustain pedals. Size 9X90X30cm. Weight 14 Kg.
A new updated version of the popular Cantorum was presented spring 2018. A portable 61-keys church organ with adjustable split point, input for MIDI pedal and pedal voices built in, programmable voices for left/right and a function to automatically play the lowest note on the left hand without using the pedal. Easy to use and light. All voices are inte stereo and very realistic.
This model has very good sound even though it is small thanks to the cabinet from synthetic material combined with wood and the two 5-inch speakers and 2X22 watt amplifier.
There are 84 built in stops in 4 "styles" + 14 orchestra voices.
All is upgraded from the Chorum series new great sample library.

The factory did not put up the different "styles" disposition but similar to them from the other Cantorum models.
Plus 14 orchestra voices. Grand Piano - Strings 1 - Strings 2 - Choir 1 - Choir 2 - Harpsichord - Harp - Celesta - Chimes - Clarinet - Oboe - Trumpet - Flute - Pan flute. The voices can be freely moved to manual and pedal.
Listen to the sound from the new sample engine in the video below. Same sound in Cantorum VI Plus, DUO och TRIO.
The same sample engine is also in the CHORUM-SERIEN
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